This website is an emergency, general info, road issues website designed to bring you information from across the country as a live stream. So before you make that trip across your state border or to check for events near home, visit us often from your desktop, tablet or mobile device for current events.

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My council?

The task of finding which council you might live in is part of the problem that people usually identify with the city, town or community they live in. "I know which town I am in or near, but not necessarily which local government area.", or what if you are traveling? Council borders fluctuate over time, however, most of Australia's state governments provide such tools for you and can be the best source for your information.

These links open the relevant list of local government entities (councils, etc) per state government region (subject to change):

These tools will help you locate your local council government region, area, jurisdiction, or other. Then you can use that information to search for or navigate to the relevant HazAlerts - One Site, One Source! page. I recommend bookmarking your council page for future reference. You could do this for your browser, desktop shortcut or Homepage shortcut on mobile.

Be prepared

While many of us would dread to think that the worst could happen to us, life just doesn't give any guarantee that we might not be effected by a disaster at some point. Can anyone say 2020!

Depending on the state you live in for Australia, there may be different advice concerning your local area. It is important to pay attention to what authorities direct you to do in times of pending and actual disaster. You may be directed to evacuate, stay tuned for further advice or you might even get a direct message to your mobile phone with advice concerning suggested movements.

Downloading the new Emergency+ application

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A number of things to consider before potential disasters happen. These might be, what is my plan, do I need on-hand supplies to help me through. This brings additional questions like, what do I do if I'm alone, what about my family, what is my mode of travel if I need to move from point A to B? One of the primary pieces of advice and campaigns we consistently see across state and local government areas is have a plan, check your plan, know your plan. You may need to take action before any help can arrive.

Here are some quick go-to lists to help you get ready:

Prepared for floods and/or storms

Prepared for fires

Prepared for cyclone season and/or high winds

Prepared for disease outbreak

Please remember to follow the authorities directions and advice! There is a list of nation wide emergency contact numbers in the top menu "In Emergencies".