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Wodonga Council

Did you know that recycling ♻️ our old electronics ??? means materials can be recovered and used to produce new dev… External link...

9:58am - 24 May 2019

More native animals move into High St. Read more here External link... #Platform3690#WCnews External link...

2:00am - 24 May 2019

Roll up, roll up for the Wodonga Volunteers Fair on Saturday. Read more here External link... #Platform3690External link...

10:00pm - 23 May 2019

We welcomed two new friends to High St today ? Joining the echidnas on the northern end, the Parent and Baby wombat… External link...

4:09am - 23 May 2019

Building permits: do you know the process? Read more here External link... Platform3690#WCnews

10:00pm - 22 May 2019