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An audience member asks how non-Aboriginals can support the Treaty process. Corrina says to continue to have conver… External link...

10:03am - 10 Jul 2019

Treaties are necessary to promote fundamental human rights External link...

9:39am - 10 Jul 2019

Treaty will be about our country, and the government talking to all of the traditional owner groups, says Corrina #NAIDOCWeek2019

9:35am - 10 Jul 2019

“The journey to Treaty has its challenges but they’re challenges worth facing,” says Christine. We now hear from gu… External link...

9:19am - 10 Jul 2019

Member for Geelong and Closing the Gap Ambassador Christine Couzens highlights the amazing turnout tonight, and say… External link...

9:11am - 10 Jul 2019